I met the love of my life at a web comic convention. Now I’m shattered to find out she works as a London escorts companion. I still love her but will I be able to get over the jealousy

I met this girl at a comics convention, I love comics specially the Japanese ones called mangas, after browsing the displays of comics I bumped into this girl that she diverted my attention to her away from the comics, so we started chatting, then eventually I got her number, we text and called few times then we have gone to a date

During our first date it was the best date I ever had, nothing intimate happened but we had our connection that time we were satisfied and happy, then it leads to a second then a third date, the fourth and more dates until we decided to have a relationship.

I have been with my girlfriend for practically two years now. We have been dating for one year. I just proposed to her a month earlier and we are happily engaged. Nevertheless, a couple of days earlier, she told me that to pay for school, she had actually been working for London Escorts Agency for a year. It absolutely ravaged me inside, however I understand it was much more agonizing time for her.

She only did it because she needed to spend for school and living costs (she originates from a really, extremely bad background), and it’s hurt her for so long. She did it a couple of years back, and she’s cried herself to sleep for numerous nights. When she informed me, I was 100% supportive. I informed her I wouldn’t our love would not change, which I wouldn’t see her any various. Truthfully, she is so great to me and I cannot be with anyone else. I am also excellent to her, this is something nobody else worldwide learns about, and she thought that this is something that she would take to the grave with her. However, she felt every day that I didn’t understand that she was betraying me, and had to inform me. Well in fact, I just could sense that something was bothering her, and it took me hours to get it out of her.

In any case, when she initially told me, she said that I probably would not love her anymore and wouldn’t wish to be with her anymore. I tore down all of those arguments, however I did let her understand what does it cost? It hurts me that she’s been with numerous men now. I know its jealousy, and I know it’s all in the past, however it still eats at me. I am getting better, the first day I was totally shaking and needed to employ for some emergency therapy to obtain myself relaxed. The very first time in my life I have actually done that.

I’ve been thinking this that I might be falling for the second oldest trick in the book…. believing what a prostitute says and does is meant only for you.

She talks on the phone with you to drum up more business, to make you spend your money on that massage.

Instead of making an appointment, I mean… a date with her for a massage, why not tell her no massage but you will buy her dinner and see how quickly the call ends.

She’s in the business of making men want her. That’s her job. If you’re toying with the idea of asking her out, do you think you’re the first or only guy to do so?

Wise up. Go out and meet real women. And if she’s from an eastern bloc country, it’s possible she not only has a boyfriend but has one who helps her take advantage of naive clients who fall for her.

But I love still love her, is this out of jealousy or what?

I am always thinking that superficially, the evidence seems to support the strip club owner: strippers do not have any loss of self-confidence or overall sense of self-respect. They are (maybe not surprisingly) more preoccupied and worried about their physical look. This research study is nevertheless far from infallible. The strippers spoken with were usually older than the non-strippers, and 40 strippers is barely a huge sample to draw sweeping conclusions. And obviously, there is absolutely nothing to in fact prove that the stripper’s increased level of body shame is brought on by their occupation.